Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Industry Trends in 2021

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The commercial kitchen cleaning industry is an exciting one to be in. The demand for these services increases as more people switch to a healthy diet, and the need for clean kitchens will only continue to grow. As the industry changes, so do trends within it. This article discusses some of those trends that you should know about if you want your company to stay successful in 2021!

What is Commercial Kitchen Cleaning?

It is a form of cleaning that goes beyond just traditional housekeeping. It’s an industry where people clean and sanitize kitchen surfaces, appliances, floors, and walls to ensure they are free from germs or bacteria. It can be used for both health reasons and environmental ones, so it makes sense why this service would become more popular over time!

Trend 1: Going “Green”

While there has been some controversy surrounding the use of chemicals such as bleach when doing these jobs, many companies have started focusing on more environmentally friendly options like hydrogen peroxide. This means that you shouldn’t ignore green cleaners if your company doesn’t currently offer them; they may become a trend you will have to adapt to in the future.

Cleanliness is just one-half of this equation, however. The other important thing is making sure they are thorough and efficient. If your company’s cleaners aren’t doing their jobs well- there may be an opening for someone else who can do the job better. 

This means investing not only time but money into training them, so they know what kind of products work best and having proper equipment such as vacuum cleaners or steamers, which help make the process go faster.

Trend 2: Sustainable Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, green cleaners are becoming increasingly popular due to environmental concerns from customers who want the world around them to remain healthier, especially in their commercial kitchens. 

It is not just the actual cleaning products that have been going green either- many companies are opting for eco-friendly practices, such as having those steamers or other equipment that help speed up the process but don’t waste water and energy in doing so.

Trend 3: Rise of “Cleanfluencers”

The growing prominence of the “cleanfluencer”- “The cleanfluencer is a term for those who have an influential presence with social media followers and can help to spread the word about new products, as well as to provide reviews. This kind of influencer has been instrumental in helping companies such as Method grow into household names- showing how powerful they are! 

Furthermore, it’s not just traditional celebrities or people with geotags anymore that these kinds of brands want either; many businesses now also focus on micro-influencers which works even better because more people trust someone they might know than an unknown person.

This means if your company wants to be successful, you will need to look at hiring some sort of ‘cleanfluencers,’ whether through utilizing social media platforms like Instagram or by finding influential people in your local community. The more you can get the word out there about your brand- the better chance you have of it growing.

Trend 4: Jack-of-All-Trades Cleaning

There is a trend towards having employees that can multitask. For example, companies need to hire people capable of cleaning the kitchen and accompanying areas (such as bathrooms) at once. If you don’t have these abilities in your company now, it would be wise for you to find those who do.

In addition to cleaning multiple rooms at once, employees must also be able to commute between floors through stairs or elevators if necessary. This means they should always keep their work clothes on to switch from room to room without wasting time changing into different outfits. 

If an employee decides not to go this route and instead changes out of their uniform before going to another floor, there may be a chance that one area is being cleaned while another is not.

In 2021, it will be expected that these employees have a background in commercial cleaning or janitorial services. This ensures they know how to get the best results from their work and aren’t just hired for a short-term contract!

Industry experts predict this trend to continue into 2022 since there is such high demand for skilled cleaners at all times of day and night.

Trend 5: Growth of the Cleaning Industry

More people are going out to restaurants on nights and weekends rather than staying home because of social media, which means companies need staff ready around the clock to keep up with customer needs. In 2021, it’s predicted that some customers may even want their kitchens cleaned during operating hours by new hires who don’t mind working in an extremely fast-paced environment.

It’s expected that cleaning trends in companies will offer their employees onsite benefits, such as dental insurance or even meal vouchers, to attract the most skilled staff. This trend started in 2015 and is predicted to grow with each passing year. It can also help employers build positive relationships with new team members, making them feel more appreciated than ever before, increasing employee retention rates over time.

The average age of people currently working in this industry is around 40 years old. Still, the number will likely change dramatically by 2021 when younger generations become interested in applying for jobs at commercial kitchens all across the country. Industry experts predict there may be a shortage of trained workers since many Americans don’t clean commercial kitchens. If this happens, you can expect salaries to increase significantly, so employers are more likely to attract skilled employees their way!

It’s predicted that many new hires will have experience with social media since it plays such an important role for restaurants and bars these days. This is because businesses need ways of attracting customers if they hope to put out original content on Instagram or share pictures of delicious dishes on Facebook.


These cleaning trends show just how much the industry has changed over time, but some aspects remain the same as before. For example, professional cleaners should still wear white uniforms while working to make sure all areas get equal attention from staff members at all times! 

It doesn’t look good when one area gets special treatment without anyone noticing, so it’s important to maintain cleanliness at all times.

As you can see, many trends will continue to affect the commercial kitchen cleaning industry in 2021. It’s important for companies looking to hire new staff members to know what customers expect these days, so they don’t fall behind their competitors!


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