Asked Questions

Boomtastic Industrial Degreaser and Multi-Purpose Cleaners

FAQs about Boomtastic’s degreaser that is strong enough for industrial use but safe enough for light-duty cleaning.

Why are degreasers needed for cleaning?

A degreaser is a cleaning product that dissolves and removes grease and oil from hard surfaces quickly and effectively. Most degreasers on the market or advertised on television include hazardous compounds that must be used according to strict instructions and with prior understanding. 

This is why heavy-duty degreasers are mostly used in commercial areas, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or at home if professional cleaners are employed.

Are degreasers disinfectants as well?

Not all of the time. Degreasers come in a variety of forms. They come as sprays, wipes, and solutions that can be applied directly to the surface. Some degreasers do more than just clean; they also disinfect and deodorize.

Where can I use degreasers?

Degreasers can be used to clean many types of oily and greasy hard surfaces. 

It is also applicable in removing motor oil, cutting fluids, corrosion inhibitors, handling soils, and other contaminations from manufacturing assembly, metal fabrication, refineries, airplane hangers, etc.

Are there any advantages with using degreasers?

Degreasers, especially the industrial-grade, are highly effective cleaning solutions that chemically react with grease particles making it easier to remove and thus, producing a deep cleaning effect.

Should I dilute the degreaser with water?

Most degreasers need to be diluted with either hot or cold water before use. This and the amount of water depends on the surface area that will be cleaned and how thick the grease or grime could be.