Strong enough for industrial use but safe enough for ligh-duty and maintenance cleaning


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Heavy-duty degreasing without the safety and environmental hazards.

Industrial and commercial cleaning and degreasing is one touch job that covers a very vast range of applications across almost every industry but in particular automotive, railroad and aircraft in addition to restaurants. Consistent and proper cleaning is key in most maintenance programs but it’s not just about keeping things clean and shiny! Regular maintenance is critical in keeping equipment and parts running properly and running safely.

Why Your Degreaser Matters

There are essentially two types of dirty – organic and inorganic.

Organic dirt is anything that comes from living material which includes fossil fuels such as grease, fat, oils, protein build up, and living matter. Inorganic dirt is usually things like dirt, rust and mineral deposits.

Most commercial and industrial cleaning jobs require the clean up of BOTH organic and inorganic residue. It’s because of this combination that industrial cleaning products need to be able to remove surface oils and other contaminants.

Traditional Industrial Degreasers

Harmful ingredients include:

  • Builders
  • Inhibitors
  • Chelating Agents
  • Sequestering Agents
  • Saponifiers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Strong Inorganic Acids
  • Strong Alkalies
  • Petroleum Products

Safe on light and heavy jobs

Traditional degreasers used for industry and commercial cleaning may have worked to some degree but also produced significant side-effects not only to the equipment they were being used on but also to anyone who may have come in contact with it and the environment. 

Damaging Degreasers

While effective, acid and alkali degreasers do remove dirt, grime and grease but do this through a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction can likely cause the surface it’s being used on and can also pose a risk to those using the products as well as environmental side effects.

Industrial Strength Biodegradeable Degreaser | Boomtastic