Industrial Heavy Duty Degreaser and Cleaner

Boomtastic Industrial Strength Degreaser combines a degreaser and high power foaming action all in one product. It leaves surfaces clean and shiny without damaging the finish or leaving behind any residue.
Removes grease, grime, carbons, tar, soot, and oil
Abrasive and concentrated for maximum strength

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Boomtastic Industrial Degreaser has a pH level of 12 to 14, making it one of the most powerful degreasers compared to others… Even though it is a powerful degreaser, it can be used for small household jobs when diluted and also for heavy duty jobs. Designed to work on almost any type of surface, this concentrated degreaser tackles any type of grease, oil, carbons, grime, soil, wax, even strong dirt and oil build up residues and other water-insoluble soils. This degreaser can be used on grills, kitchen hoods, ovens, engines, marine vessels, aircrafts, tires, carpet, ceramic, metal, exhaust fans, rubber, and many more… is formulated to work harder for you without butyls or trichloroethane.

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32 oz, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon


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